Full fat soya cake for quality feed

Benefits of Fidsoy


  • 1. Minimized  trypsin inhibitors - Fidsoy  soya beans are thermally processed to destroy anti-nutritional factors and to increase oil availability while preserving the nutritional quality of the protein. Consequently, lipolytic enzymes and anti-nutritional factors (trypsin inhibitors and urease) are deactivated and the nutritional quality and amino acid digestibility  remarkably better than conventional soybean meal (solvent).
  • 2.  Released  intra-cellular oil and natural tocopherols, (Vitamin E) for a better digestion and stability. High-shear extrusion processing deals with a short-time (20sec), high-temperature (up to 160°c) and high-pressure (40 atm) cooking condition which leads to rupturing cell wall, liberating oil, and protein denaturation.
  • 3. Increase by-pass protein level…heat treatment through extrusion increases the by-pass protein for ruminants.
  • 4. Fidsoy is a high-quality source of energy and protein for poultry.
  • 5. Fidsoy can also replace a considerable amount of the protein source in the diet.

Typical Nutritive Value of Fidsoy




Protein, %


Fat , %


ME , ME- MJ/kg – DM


ME , kcals/kg