Muguika Kaburu manufactures fortified flour for people with special dietary requirements. A former banker, he's convinced he's found a niche market with excellent growth prospects.

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Kaburu Muguika founded Prosoya Kenya three years ago. The company manufactures low cost nutritional foods in Nairobi, such as Ndungo Ujilala, a nutritional porridge that has a long shelf-life, does not need to be cooked and is prepared by simply adding water.


Ndungosoy  is our full fat enzyme active soya flour milled from cleaned raw soya beans. A yellow, non dusty flour with a slightly beany odour and flavour. Declared on labels as ‘soya flour’
Ndungosoy provides many benefits to the bread baker.


Ndungo LisheboraTM is a fortified blended food (FBF).
FBFs are blends of precooked and milled cereals, fortified with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Prosoya Kenya's research and development team of food, nutrition and flavour scientists works tirelessly to achieve the best taste, nutrition and cereal product performance. Prosoya Kenya Limited gives its customers the satisfaction and peace of mind t
Prosoya Kenya’s products arrive only after undergoingg stringent safety and quality procedures.


Full fat soya cake for maximum quality

Benefits of Fidsoy


  • 1. Minimized  trypsin inhibitors - Fidsoy  soya beans are thermally processed to destroy anti-nutritional factors and to increase oil availability while preserving the nutritional quality of the protein. Consequently, lipolytic enzymes and anti-nutritional factors (trypsin inhibitors and urease) are deactivated and the nutritional quality and amino acid digestibility  remarkably better than conventional soybean meal (solvent).